Heating and Cooling

All that you need to know about the heating and cooling systems of your house

The heating and cooling system of your house are also referred to as HVAC equipment. It is an acronym that stands for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. This equipment is responsible for controlling the quality of indoor environment comfort, temperature, and humidity, thereby taking care of the inhabitants’ comfort.

Currently, the market is dealing with different kinds of heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment for home remodeling. The functions of this equipment will depend on the particular area and its climate. It also depends on the factors, including the hotness of the summer and the winter’s coldness. Along with that level of humidity also plays an important role in the functioning of the equipment.

Heating systems

Heating plays an important role in adding up to the warmth of the house’s environment and increasing the overall temperature. Typically the winter thermostat temperature would revolve within 66F to 70F, having an average of 68F. This is a good temperature to feel efficient and comfortable inside the house. Given below are some of the most common heating systems that you can install in your houses today.

Forced air – It is the most common type of heating & cooling system used wherein a blower would be responsible for circulating air across a heat exchanger to warm up the house. The typical A/C systems can be a part of the same.

Heat pump – The market currently has many types of heat pumps for plumbing, common being the air source heat pump. It provides the heating and cooling system of your house.

Hydronic – In this system, the water gets heated in a boiler and circulates through radiators located in the house.

Radiant – Here, the water will be heated in the boiler; however, it circulates through the different tubing situated all around the ceilings, walls, and floors, thereby warming up those areas, which will then warm the space radiation.

Geothermal – Geothermal is nothing but he pump which uses the ground or water to get its heat source. It will serve as your heating and cooling requirements in one machine.

Electrical – In this system, the heat will be supplied from electrical generators’ resistance when electricity will pass through the device.

Cooling systems

The cooling or the air conditioning system is also essential for the house. It helps in removing the heat and dehumidify the indoor air quality. It is typically needed during the summer setting, and the thermostat setting is adjusted between 74F to 80F, with an average being 78F. Currently, there are two types of AC systems available in the market. They are as given below.

Ductless split system – It is a mini-split air conditioning system similar to the regular split system. However, a handler is located in each room for the residence to control the temperature, and hence there is no ductwork required.

Forced air – It is the commonest form of heating and cooling system installed with the compressor circulating a refrigerant between two coils. The blower will blow the indoor coil, thereby removing the heat and making the home comfortable during the summers. It uses the ductwork mechanism to distribute the cooler air.